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Solar Panels Plus has a new office in the Raleigh-Durham NC area, at 192A Lorax Lane, Pittsboro, NC 26312

Solar Panels Plus is a North Carolina licensed electrical contractor.

SPP uses NABCEP certified installers.


Solar Panels Plus LLC -

Established in 2006, Solar Panels Plus LLC (SPP) supports solar dealers nationwide and directly supports residential, commercial, and government customers in North Carolina and Virginia. SPP is an installer, distributor, and manufacturer of solar products with a focus on PV solar electric power, solar water heating, solar pool heaters, and solar heating and cooling solutions.

SPP is committed to providing the most efficient, longest-lasting, state-of-the-art solar energy products in the world. SPP provides solar design and installation services, technical support, training, and is responsible for over 150,000 kilowatts of clean green solar power.  SPP is a licensed electrical contractor and GSA-approved solar supplier. SPP also provides low interest zero-down residential solar financing. A full list of the products that SPP offers can be found under Products.

Founded in response to a rising need for high-quality, technologically advanced solar energy products, SPP started out as a distributor of solar hot water systems. In 2007 SPP began manufacturing its own line of solar products. Solar Panels Plus is very well known for its Buy American Act compliant brand of solar evacuated tube collectors. These collectors have become recognized in the industry as among the best performing and most efficient solar hot water heating products available and as such, have been selected for many US government and military projects.


The founders of Solar Panels Plus have been involved in the solar industry for more than 30 years. In 1979, Moh Koochekzadeh, one of the original founders and current chairman of Solar Panels Plus, was the CEO of Philco Italiana, one of the largest manufacturers of appliances in Europe and a former subsidiary of the Ford Motor Co. The world's first evacuated tube solar collectors were developed during his tenure at Philco.

Under Mr. Koochekzadeh's leadership, the world's first evacuated tube solar collector was born. This was one of the most efficient solar thermal collector systems ever brought to the market. However, at that time, the cost of oil had fallen substantially so the public’s interest in renewable energy was very low. The Philco evacuated tube thermal technology was eventually transferred to a company that become Thermomax.

Since that time, the cost of oil, other fuels, and energy overall, has greatly increased and continues to rise. With higher prices and an increased awareness of critical environmental issues, a renewed interest in alternative and clean energy surfaced. In response to help meet the demands and needs of the industry, Solar Panels Plus was founded in 2006. SPP is a sister-company of HotSpot Energy Inc., a global leader in specialty HVAC engineering and renewable thermal energy applications.