Solar Panels Plus was an exhibitor at 2011 Clean Show in Las Vegas in June. SPP, a manufacturer of evacuated tube solar thermal collectors, was the only solar exhibitor at the show and showcased its SPP-30A US made thermal collectors. The Clean Show, the biannual show for the Laundromat industry, provides the latest trends, equipment and services available for Laundromats and commercial/industrial laundry professionals. With over 11,000 registrants and 430 exhibitors, the Clean Show offered something new and exciting for everyone. With huge increases in energy cost, energy efficiency was a major theme throughout the show and with many of the exhibitors.

The SPP booth was a major hit with many of the general participants, laundromat owners and exhibitors that were searching for new technologies to take back to their businesses. Solar thermal panels are a natural fit for Laundromats as an environmentally friendly and efficient cost saving method to pre-heat the water prior to entering the boiler. By reducing the dependency on the boiler to get the street water temperature to meet the 130F requirements of the washers, a Laundromat can save substantially on their gas utility costs. SPP has a full technical team to support any Laundromat interested and ready to analyze the opportunity for solar thermal panels at their place of business. SPP is always searching for qualified distributors and installers. If you are interested in working with us, please contact one of our helpful team members at 1-866- 576-5277.