SPP Unveils the new Plug & Play AC Module at SPI 2012

Solar Power International (SPI) was held in Orlando, FL, the week of September 13th. This trade-show is an excellent venue for all who are involved in the solar industry – from global manufactures to local installers. By all indications, the solar industry has continued to grow both in the US and throughout the world. A report from the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) showed that the 2nd quarter of 2012 was the second largest ever for the US solar industry. This trend is slated to continue into the future, as more than 3,400 megawatts of PV projects are currently under construction in the US.

It is because of this growth in the solar electric market that we researched, developed, and launched a revolutionary new PV product, the Plug & Play AC Module. This Module makes solar much simpler and more affordable for the end user, reducing the time it takes to install a system, as well as the number of parts involved. The panels simply mount to the roof, and a single cable ties all the panels together and runs directly into your panel box, where it plugs into a breaker. This system makes installing solar panels in your house easier than ever before, and because less components are needed, there is less cost involved.

Most homes can install a small system for around $2,500, and immediately begin generating their own electricity. The AC Modules are sold in packages, which are complete with racking, panels, and cabling – all the major components needed. The system can be expanded later if needed, so a homeowner can start with a small system and then add panels later to produce more power.

Making solar energy simpler and more affordable is making solar more desirable. Just a few years ago, solar energy was much more expensive, and so complicated that only a select few had it installed on their homes. Now, with the advances in technology, as well as the lower costs of manufacturing, it’s more affordable than ever. Combining this with ever rising energy costs, it’s little wonder that the solar market is the second largest growing industry in the United States.

For more information on our solar AC module, you can visit our AC Module Product Page – or contact us directly for more information.

Solar AC Module

Solar Panels Plus unviels the new “Plug & Play AC Module” at the SPI show in Orlando, FL.