Solar Financing

One of the biggest obstacles to many solar projects is the upfront costs. While solar products have come down dramatically in price over the past few years, having the upfront capital to reap the benefits of solar energy can be an obstacle. This is why we took the time to partner with a well-known, established financial institute – Admiral’s Bank – to provide a financing program to dealers and installers of our products.

Admiral’s Bank has created a financing program just for solar projects. This program offers low interest rates, fast approval, and an extremely simple application process. Both solar electric and solar thermal/hot water systems qualify for this program, and equity in the home is not needed.

The process is incredibly simple. As a dealer of SPP, you first sign up through us, filling out a single application and submitting it for approval. Once your approved, you will receive a packet of information and free training on how the program works. The financing program never costs you – the dealer – anything. No sign up, maintenance  or program fees or costs of any kind. Once you are signed up and  approved, you can begin offering your customers financing.

When you meet with a client who’s interested in financing, you have them fill out a short application and submit it directly to the bank. Once qualified, the money is dispersed before you begin work, so the materials and project is paid for.

With this solar financing program, more people can take advantage of free, clean energy, and reap the immediate savings. Often times, the monthly payment is less cost than the amount saved each month, meaning your customers would see an immediate savings every month for the life of the solar system – often times over 20 years.

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