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Solar Panels Plus began by distributing solar heating products, and shortly thereafter began manufacturing solar heating systems – including solar evacuated tube technology. Soon thereafter, Solar Panels Plus brought manufacturing here to the United States, manufacturing and supplying one of the very first Buy American Act evacuated tube collectors on the market.

In addition to solar heating products, Solar Panels Plus now manufacturers and supplies many other core solar technologies, including PV panels, solar cooling systems, and complete packages for both residential and commercial customers alike, all across North America. 

These state-of-the-art products are aesthetically appealing, designed for quick and easy installation for any structure and to promote the use of solar energy - a clean, limitless, and free energy source. This use of alternative energy will help reduce costs for homeowners associated with traditional forms of energy use, as well as help reduce the negative effects of climate change and global warming caused by long-established methods of generating energy.

Solar Panels Plus also employs experts in the solar field and has a full staff of expertly trained technical support personnel on hand to assist you in the sizing, design, and installation of your system, every step of the way. Solar training is also available to get you started as a new customer, to educate you in a new technology, or as an addition to your growing business.

As a leading American manufacture and supplier of solar energy products, Solar Panels Plus will always be the right choice for all your solar needs.