Solar Heat Pump Pool Heater SHP48

Heating & Cooling
This pool heater chiller unit provides 4 tons of heating or cooling for a pool or other large water supply. It can maintain a consistent pool temperature automatically.

Solar Flexible
This system is designed to operate with or without solar panels. Install with micro PV System now and/or add panels as your budget allows. No batteries needed, all extra power is stored in the grid.

Universal Installation
Can be used for in-ground or above ground pools, salt or chlorine pools, indoor or outdoor pools. This swimming pool chiller-heater can handle any requirement.

Huge Cost Savings
This system can heat a pool with little or no annual electric utility cost.

Quiet & Long Lasting
The unit has an efficient rotary/scroll compressor and a low-noise fan motor. The heat exchanger is made of pure titanium to withstand prolonged exposure to swimming pool water. The housing is a non-metallic, rustproof enclosure.

Advanced Controls
The unit is micro-computer controlled, allowing all operational parameters to be set.  Operation status can be displayed on the controller’s LED display.


Zero Annual Energy Cost Pool Heater

Includes Pool Chiller/Cooler Function

Titanium Pool Heater Works With or Without Solar

image of spp solar microinverter
Jump in any time...
the water is always warm

When using free solar power you can afford to keep the pool warm all the time, which means you can jump in your nice warm pool any time you like. No waiting for the pool to warm up.
diagram of solar heat pump pool heater system

When sized appropriately and used in accordance with the owners manual the SHP48 can keep a pool warm during the swim season and operate with little or no annual electricity cost. The system produces power all year. In the pool off-season the system produces power but does not use power. The extra power is used by other loads in the home or saved into the grid as a credit. During the pool season the system uses more power than it produces. A properly sized system will balance out to near zero pool heating electricity cost for the year. Sizing is based on a covered pool kept warm, not heated on a as-needed basis.

Key Features of SHP48 Solar Heat Pump Pool Heater

Heating Capacity 48,000 BTU/h image of  solar heat pump pool heater
Heating Power Max Input 2.45 kW
COP >5.7
Power Supply ~230V 60HZ
Sound Level 56 dB
Water Connection 1.5"
Pressure Drop Max. 1.5 PSI
Nominal Water Flow 22 GPM
Dimensions W44" D20" H35"
See Specification Sheet  

Review Comparison of Solar Heat Pump Pool Heaters

We don't know of any other system like this on the market so it's hard to directly compare. But compared to a standard heat pump pool system, this one is more efficient and provides very low cost or free pool heating. And it also has the ability to cool a swimming pool by acting as a swimming pool chiller unit - this can be important on days when the pool is too hot and you want to reduce to a lower pool temperature. The free side-benefit of a pool chiller unit or pool water cooler is good for hot climates or for extra hot days in any climate when the pool is too warm.

Frequently Asked Questions about SHP48 Heat Pump Pool Heater

How many solar panels does it need and how much space do they require?
The average pool with a 120 day pool season will use a basic system with six solar panels, this will require a 21' x 5' panel mounting area on the roof or ground.

How much does it cost?
The basic SHP48 system including the heat pump unit and six solar panels with standard mounting hardware will cost about $4500. The solar component portion of the system qualifies for a federal tax credit of around $800 resulting in an about $3700 NET COST. Depending on your location, you may be entitled to additional rebates. Contact us for more information.

Do I need a HVAC technician to install it?
No, the heat pump unit is self-contained. What's needed is to mount the panels, make the electrical connections, and make the water connections to the existing PVC piping. Sometimes homeowners can install it themselves. Consider hiring a handyman or electrician if needed, to do all or part of the installation. Note - the solar heat pump system will require a dedicated 220/240 20a circuit.

What else do I need to buy in order to install it?
You will need PVC pipe and electrical wiring materials according to your application. You will need a concrete pad or other stable mounting area for the heat pump unit.

Who makes the SHP48?
The SHP48 swimming pool chiller and heater unit is produced for us by HotSpot Energy, a leading specialty HVAC/thermal engineering and manufacturing firm. The SHP48 is a high performance version of, and made in the same factory with Europe's #1 top brand of heat pump pool heaters.

How efficient is it?
See diagrams below for the real numbers. Like all heat pump pool heaters, the COP (Coefficient of Performance) is dependent upon the operating conditions. Some manufacturers state their COP only at the most favorable, and sometimes unusual, conditions. Below, we show COP across a full range of conditions. For most USA customers typical operating conditions the COP is ~5.89.

diagram chart of heat pump COP and capacity curve

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