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Products > Solar Inverters

Solar powered inverters are one of the essential components in a solar PV system. Inverters take DC current—which is produced by PV panels—and convert it into AC current, which is normally what’s used in homes and businesses in North America.

With two types of inverters available, customers have more choices than ever before. Solar Panels Plus carries a full line of inverters so you can select the best product for your solar PV system. Reliable, efficient and cost-effective, these inverters ensure a long-lasting, high-performing system for many years to come.

String inverters

Solar Panels Plus carries a number of different brands and types of string inverters. Featuring a wide array of sizes ranging from 1.8kw to more than 500kw, these USA-made solar inverters allow you to choose the right product for your customer’s solar PV array. These inverters feature internal and external string combiners, web-based monitoring, and customizable power settings for residential, commercial and utility-scale projects.

Micro inverters

Solar Panels Plus carries a wide array of micro inverters for residential and commercial grid-tie systems. Micro inverters are usually external and are installed at the same time as the solar PV module.

There are also micro inverters, such as the AC PV module, that are integrated into solar PV modules during the manufacturing process. The AC module saves time and money, and produces AC current at the solar panel without additional components.

Both AC PV panels and external micro inverters are excellent choices for systems where shading can be an issue or when safety is a large concern. They also reduce problems from single-panel failure or degradation.

If you are an interested in supplying or installing inverters for your customers, please contact us.