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Solar pool heaters for your home can greatly reduce swimming pool heating costs. Solar pool heating systems are cost competitive with traditional propane, natural gas, and heat pump pool heaters, but without the high monthly fuel or electric bill.

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Solar pool heating systems are simple to install, have a low up front cost, and often pay for themselves in as little as 1 or 2 swimming seasons. Many solar pool heating systems make use of your existing pool pump and filter, meaning no increase in your electrical bills or extra operating costs.

How it Works

The SPP solar pool heaters work by taking pool water that has passed through your pool filter, and instead of immediately returning to the pool, it is diverted towards the roof where the pool heaters are located (1). As the cool water passes through the solar pool heaters (2) , it is warmed using the sun's energy (3), and then returned back to the pool (4).

One of the biggest benefits is allowing you to enjoy your investment in your pool longer each year by extending your swimming season significantly. You can enjoy warm pool water much earlier than before, and extend your swimming season by months, or even all year long, depending on the area in which you area located.

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