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Solar Panels Plus is proud to be an Aquion national distributor, providing the worlds first economically viable "green" batteries to customers in North America and the Caribbean.

Aquion 2.6 kWh and 30.6 kWh sealed solar batteries are filled with salt water, contain no hazardous materials, have no thermal management issues, no out-gassing, and can be 100% discharged without harming the battery.

Lower cost and longer life than Lithium Ion batteries, AGM or GEL batteries, these Aquion salt water batteries allow for affordable off-grid or grid-backup energy storage solutions. They can outlast lead-acid batteries by many years providing a much higher level of safety while avoiding lead-acid battery maintenance and thermal issues.

Use as off-grid solar, hydro or wind battery, or use for grid-tied battery backup or for peak rate shaving.

Finally, a sensible way to get off of the grid without battery hassles.

Advantages of Aquion Sealed Salt Water

Low Cost - Much lower cost of ownership compared to AGM, GEL, Lithium Ion, or lead-acid batteries

Sustainable - Made with non-toxic materials, no acids, no lithium.

Safe - Non-flammable, non-explosive, non-corrosive, with no dangerous or toxic components.

100% Discharge - The extreme deep cycle batteries can be fully discharged without hurting the battery. And standing at partial charge is OK.

No Thermal Management - OK for hot or cold climate with minimal ventilation needed.

Sealed & Maintenance Free - Plug in and enjoy. No regular maintenance needed.

Self-Balancing -
Unlike other battery technologies that drag each other out of balance, ruining the life of the whole bank, Aquion will self balance. There is no need to ever run an equalizing charge. This fact simplifies installation, eliminates maintenance and greatly increases the life of the bank.

Long Life - Minimum degradation with 3,000 or more charge cycles.

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S-30 List Price $1195 per module. Call us at 1-866-576-5277 or Contact Us for quantity discounts, dealer pricing. Call for M-110 pricing and availability. 

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Aspen 48v
2.2 kWh Module
Sealed Salt Water Battery

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Sealed Saltwater Batteries for Solar, Wind, Mini Hydro or Peak Shaving

These safe, sealed, low cost and long-lasting saltwater batteries can be fully or partly discharged thousands of times to empower real off-grid solutions. At 2.6 kWh each, up to 144 modules can be connected together to create a formidable energy storage solution. Or use one or more M-110 modules at 30.6 kWh each. M110 pictured at right.   Aquion M-100 sealed solar battery image48-M 
25.9 kWh
Sealed Salt Water Battery
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Off-grid users - collect the energy when it's available and use it when you need it.

On-grid locations with time of day tiered rates can also benefit by "peak shaving" i.e., charging the batteries during off-peak power rate periods, and using power from batteries during peak or high-cost periods.

Generator powered locations can eliminate the constant running of a generator, since the generator has more capacity than is needed most of the time it is operating. Running the generator only when needed to top off the batteries will save fuel and extend the life of the generator.

Backup power - the Aquion salt water batteries can also be used for grid-tied and AC-coupled battery backup allowing for continuous power during blackout or brownout conditions.

Sealed, Maintenance-Free Salt Water Batteries - These batteries are made in the USA and were developed at Carnegie Mellon University in 2010. Aquion is funded by over $250,000,000.00 in investments from Kleiner Perkins, Foundation Capital, Bill Gates, Shell Technology Ventures (Royal Dutch Shell), and others. Aquion operates from a 350,000 ft^2 facility in Pennsylvania, USA.

Solar Panels Plus is very proud to have been selected as an Aquion distributor serving the North America and the Caribbean. Of course, we can also ship these excellent solar batteries to our customers anywhere in the world.

This is the ultimate energy storage solution with the highest performance and lowest cost of ownership of any competing renewable energy battery solution. For these reasons, the Aquion salt water batteries are the only batteries we sell.

We will be happy to help you decide the best approach for your solar power requirements and situation, we can help design your system and provide all of the various solar components including panels, charge controllers, inverters, etc.

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Safe & Cost-Effective Energy Storage: The Holy Grail of Solar Power

Imagine the possibilities of low cost, non-toxic, maintenance-free energy storage.

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