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Solar Water Heating

Use solar to make free hot water, heat a pool, or heat a building. Reduce or eliminate thermal energy costs for your home or business!

PV Solar Power

Generating solar power for your home or business is the easiest & most direct way to reduce or eliminate your electric utility bill.

Solar HVAC

Use solar to provide air conditioning or heating using the latest in solar AC/ heat pump and solar absorption chiller technology.

America's number one supplier of Evacuated Tube solar thermal products!

SPP also manufactures flat panel thermal and solar pool heating panels!

Solar Water Heating / Solar PV & More

SPP leads the solar industry with a complete line of PV solar panels, evacuated tube and flat panel solar water heaters, solar pool heaters, and solar space heating and cooling products. SPP also provides all of the needed balance-of-system components like inverters, controllers, solar tanks, solar mounting hardware, glycol, and everything needed to complete a solar panel installation for solar thermal or solar electricity production.

At SPP we know how to support our customers whether they be dealers, contractors, architects, or home owners. SPP is responsible for some of the USA's largest solar thermal projects and PV projects for all sorts of military, multi-family, government, and educational facilities. SPP has provided hundreds of megawatts of electric power and thousands of megawatts of thermal energy. In addition to larger projects, SPP has provided countless residential solar water heater and home solar PV solutions.

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Whether you are building a multi-megawatt solar project, looking to lower your energy bills every month for your home, increase profitability for your business, or achieve energy independence – SPP is the right choice for you. With years of experience in the solar thermal and PV industry, and hundreds of qualified dealers and solar installers across North America, we can guide you in getting the most out of solar energy.

While we are best known for large & complex solar energy projects, we are quite comfortable in supporting real people and their smaller projects. We would love to help guide you towards the best solution for your home solar water heater project or small home solar power system. Regardless of your solar energy project size, SPP and our network of dealers & installers stand ready to give you the personal attention you need.

Contractor Package Kits

Pre-engineered professional quality solar energy systems are ready to install. We have packages for Solar Pool Heating, Solar PV Panel Systems, and Solar Water Heating. See Packages

Solar Contractor packages are ready to install, with all of the system components you need for a simple, fast solar installation. Plus:

System Design Assistance

• Installation Guide

• Expert Technical Support

• Save Time & Money

See Packages