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Solar Panels Plus manufactures its line of SRCC Certified solar evacuated tube collectors to provide efficient, affordable, high performance solar hot water and solar space heating solutions. These evacuated tube solar thermal water heater collectors are manufactured under strict quality control to ensure the best quality product is installed on your home or business.

Evacuated tube water heating collectors perform very well in a variety of conditions. This is due to their design, which allows evacuated tubes to benefit from passive tracking.

For more information, see our page on solar passive tracking.

Evacuated tubes are excellent for commercial and residential applications alike. For more information on the design of our evacuated tube collectors, please see our page that discusses the design and advatages of our solar evacuated tube collectors.

SPP-30 30-Tube Collector

SPP-30A - Buy American 30-Tube Collector

The SPP-30 is a high performance, high-efficiency evacuated tube collector for heating water.

These collectors are used to produce domestic hot water, in space heating systems, and to power absorption chillers for solar air conditioning systems. 

This evacuated tube water heating system include("quick shipping.


Product Features

SPP-30      30 Tube Collector Documentation



The SPP-25 is a high performance, high-efficiency evacuated tube solar water heating collector.

The 25 tube collector is used for domestic hot water systems to provide a cost effective solution to reduce energy expenditures. 
The 25 tube solar hot water collector is used in applications with limited available space, or where there is a lower demand for hot water.

These solar collectors are SRCC certified, with both an OG-100 and OG-300 certification, allowing the owner to qualify for federal, state, and local tax credits, rebates, and other financial incentives.


Product Features

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