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The solar controllers offered by Solar Panels Plus features a full line of customizable options and features, ranging from multiple sensor inputs, remote monitoring, relay controls, and much more.

The solar thermal controller is a critical component of any solar system, large or small - selecting the right solar controller will help you get the most out of your system for decades to come.

Solar Panels Plus features the line of iSolar controllers. The iSolar series is manufactured specifically for solar thermal applications, and has a variety of options, add-ons, and customizable features.

SPP iSolar 2 - Solar Controller

The SPP iSolar 2 is a solar controller for solar thermal systems. The iSolar 2 is a standard differential controller used to turn a solar thermal on and off via pump controls.

This solar controller can be used to monitor and operate the solar thermal systems via the single relay control used to operate the solar pump. The pump is activated when one of the four temperature sensors shows there is heat to be collected in the solar array. This solar controller allows for maintenence free operation of your solar thermal system.

This solar controller is equipped with complete system monitoring, easy to read display, and controls a single relay for seamless integration. The iSolar 2 also features multiple sensor inputs, a V-Bus interface for add-on equipment such as dataloggers, and seamless relay control. Perfect for solar domestic hot water systems, this solar controller is the ideal choice for large and small systems alike.


iSolar 2 - Solar Controller Features

SPP iSolar Plus - Solar Controller

The SPP iSolar plus is a multiple relay solar differential controller used primarily in solar hot water and heating systems.

This solar controller can be used to monitor and operate the solar thermal system, control various devices via it's multiple relay conrol, and function as a thermostat (time controlled).  The controller is completely adjustable, and works primarily on the inputs of the temperature sensors as well as the system layout. This solar controller allows for maintenance free operation of your solar thermal system.

The iSolar Plus features full variable speed pump control, 10 pre-programmed system layouts, energy metering, function control, and the ability to be remotely controlled with optional software. The controller is also programmed for extra-low power consumption.


iSolar Plus Features

SPP iSolar BX - Solar Controller

The SPP iSolar BX is a multi-function solar controller with a number of add-on functions and relay controls. The iSolar BX solar controller can be used to control your solar hot water or solar space heating systems, or can be customized to control any number of other solar related applications. 

This solar controller features 4 relay control outputs, as well as two PWM outputs for high efficiency DC pumps. The solar controller has 5 standard PT1000 sensor inputs, 2 analog Grundfos sensor inputs, and one impulse flow meter input.

The iSolar BX comes with 26 predefined system layouts to control a wide variety of solar hot water and heating systems, and can easily monitor and operate supplemental space heating, multiple storage tanks, heat dissipation loops, and much more.

Featuring a large LCD display, 6 easy to use function keys, this solar controller makes it easier than ever before to quickly monitor and maintain your solar loop, whether large or small.

iSolar BX Features