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Products > Solar PV - AC Modules

The AC Module System developed by Solar Panels Plus is a perfect solution to rising power costs, without the complications or expense of traditional PV systems.

This system easily integrates into your existing power grid, installs quickly & easily, and provides free power for your home or business for decades – all while avoiding a large out of pocket investment.

The SPP AC Module system is one of the simpliest, most affordable, and fastest installing cutting edge PV power solution on the market today.

This AC PV Module fully complies for the Buy American Act, is listed to UL standards, and is ETL certified.

To learn more about the advantanges of the AC Module system, please visit our AC Modules vs DC Modules section.



The PV-230AC module is a PV module that produces AC current. This means you can run the power produced by these modules directly into your juction box, reducing - or eliminating your electrical bills.

These modules are 100% safe - modules do not produce power until connected to the grid for 5+ minutes. This means there is zero danger to installers, and no danger when servicing the system in the future.

Employing the use of state of the art microinverter technology, these modules operate independantly of each other. This means that each panel can function at it's own peak and low points throughout the day without the system suffering losses.

Solar AC Module: Coming Soon!

This product is currently being manufactured, and will be available soon. Please contact us for additional information, if you would like pricing, or to check on when this product will become available in your area.